Is Your Vitamin C Serum Actually Working?

While thinking about clear and healthy skin, one too many natural ingredients pop up in our heads. One is Vitamin C. It is highly rich in antioxidants that promote the natural regeneration process and enhance the skin’s renewal process. Vitamin C also brightens up the skin by improving the coarse lines and wrinkles on the face.

Vitamin C is essential for a good skincare routine. It promotes collagen production, reduces dark circles and fades away hyperpigmentation. Many people use Vitamin C Serum as part of their skincare routine. But do these serums actually work and how do we choose the best one? Dr Kiran Sethi, a dermatologist has shared an Instagram post on this subject.

“The Skincare industry has a vast range of skincare products, especially when it comes to vitamin C serums. Have you ever sat back and wondered about how effective they actually are? Well, me too! So, let’s talk about that today, watch and learn while a break down your fave vit c serums,” Dr Sethi wrote.

In the video, she shared that the foremost deciding factor of the serum is its pH level, which needs to be between 3-3.5 to 2.5 for effective results. If it gets higher, then it’s a sign that your vitamin C serum is not active enough.

Next comes checking the packaging of the serum as if it’s dark, then it’s alright because it is not to be deactivated by the light. So, make sure to check the packaging before purchasing vitamin C serum.

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The third thing to keep in mind is its formulation. Dr Sethi elaborated, “If vitamin C destabilises, then it will also destabilise the other ingredients. So, vitamin C should never be with a chemical sunscreen agent. So, don’t expect it to magically also be in your sunscreen and work.”

The main factor for deciding whether your Vitamin C serum works or not is the difference in your skin. If it makes your skin bright and clear, you feel refreshed and less sensitive to the sun, then the vitamin C serum is definitely working.

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